Health, Safety and Environment QC Management


Seismic Pros Consultants believe that the maintenance of HSE standards is of paramount importance in todays work environment. Your company will almost certainly have strict HSE management procedures in place but what about the seismic contractor? Our HSE consultants can help you to ensure that the contractor adheres to the same stringent standards that your company imposes on its own various departments.

HSE QC and Management

Seismic Pros Consultants can also provide complete HSE management services for the duration of your project, short or long term, land or marine. Our HSE consultants provide professional HSE management and reporting enabling line management to take care of production.

HSE Audits

Ensuring that your contractors maintain your required standards of HSE can be a time consuming task. One of the best ways to ensure compliance is by performing a complete HSE audit, either pre-survey or during the operational phase. Due to the differences between production and exploration it is best to have the HSE audit performed by a third party experienced with all of the equipment and operations related to a seismic survey.

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