Seismic Acquisition QC/QA Consultants

Seismic Pros Consultants can provide seismic QC consultants to cover the whole range of seismic survey acquisition techniques. Many of our seismic acquisition consultants have over twenty years experience in the field with a wide variety of seismic recording instruments and energy sources. Whether your project is land, transition zone, shallow water or deep water marine we can perform the seismic data acquisition QC for you on 2D or 3D jobs.

Our consultants have experience in all types of terrain including desert, mountains, marsh, transition zone, shallow water with energy sources such as dynamite/flex, vibroseis, thumper (weight drop), VRAM, airgun and airgun auger. We even have people who have worked with Betsies and Dynoseis. Recording systems that our consultants are familiar with range from CDP cable systems, bay cable, OBC, to wire/fiber optic up to Q-Land and radio telemetry systems from Telseis right up to the newest ION (ex I/O) FireFly with 3C Vectorseis and our consultants also have experience with various uphole and refraction recording systems.

To ensure that the seismic contractor's equipment is performing to acceptable standards our seismic consultants can perform full technical audits pre-survey or post survey according to your needs.

Our seismic QC consultants are experienced at evaluating data from experimental seismic test lines and can assist with setting source and receiver parameters to ensure that you get the best possible data at reasonable cost.

At the end of each survey a final report will be produced. We give you a full and unbiased evaluation of the performance of the contractors and their equipment with any recommendations for future surveys.

Seismic Pros Consultants provide five hard copies of our final report as well as soft copies on USB flash discs. The reports are in Adobe Acrobat format and in high resolution, the same files that we use for the professional printing process that produces the hard copies. Other report formats are available on request.

Contact us for more information about availability and rates.