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PTTEP M3 2D Marine, Myanmar

Image from the Norbest 2D album

BGP was selected by PTTEP Myanmar to perform a 2D marine survey offshore Myanmar. The vessel that BGP used for this job was the BGP Challenger. Mark Burnham was the acquisition QC while Paul Harper was the processing QC.

The job was mainly in shallow water and there were numerous fish traps causing planning problems. Mark Burnham was kept busy ensuring that multiple chase boats were used efficiently to minimize client chargeable downtime.

PTTEP were very happy with the job performed by our the Seismic Pros Consultants personnel under trying conditions and expressed admiration for the final report.

Hawler 2D vibroseis in Kurdistan, Iraq

Image from the Norbest 2D album

Merty Energy won the Hawler 2D contract to provide over 1500 km of 2D vibroseis seismic acquisition for Norbest Ltd. The job took over four months to complete on terrain ranging from city streets to mountains with everything in between.

Seismic Pros Consultants had four people on the job with both acquisition and HSE being overseen by us. Joe Summers worked the largest part of the HSE QC being relieved by Ray Derrick while Rod Maher and Brian Brigg watched over the acquisition.

WesternGeco were selected to process the data from the project and they assessed the data quality as being excellent.

This job was close to the border of the Kurdish Autonomous Region so security, once again, was necessary and was provided by Kurdish Pesh Merga soldiers in the camp and in the field.

Shakal 2D vibroseis in Kurdistan, Iraq

Image from the Shakal 2D album

Merty Energy's Seismic Crew 1 performed the survey using a Sercel 428 XL and Nomad 65 vibroseis in rough terrain for Shakal Production in Iraq. Shakal Production is a subsidiary of Prime Energy in the USA. The job ran from the edge of towns through desert into rough hills.

As the area where the work took place was very close to the border of the Kurdish autonomous region a considerable number of security guards were used to guard the crew, the line equipment and the hotel where the crew stayed during the operation. The data recorded by Merty Energy for this job was excellent and the job was completed on schedule.

Brian Brigg was Shakals QC represenataive throughout the project.

Bina Bawi 2D mixed vibroseis and dynamite, Kurdistan, Iraq

Image from the Bina Bawi 2D album

Merty Energy's Seismic Crew 1 performed the survey using a Sercel 428 XL and Nomad 65 vibroseis in mountainous terrain for Petoil of Turkey. Heavy use of bulldozers was required in a lot of places to allow vibroseis to be used so that the number of shotholes could be minimized.

Even though many of the source points were offset data quality was not badly affected due to good work by the surveyors and vibe pusher. Merty Energy's crew achieved excellent production rates for this type of terrain while maintaining good quality.

Brian Brigg was Petoils QC represenataive throughout the project.

Sallum 3D Q Land with vibroseis, Western Egypt

Image from the Sallum 3D album WesternGeco used the Q Land II recording system with vibroseis to acquire this block for Apache in western Egypt. The Q Land II used the newer GAC sensors where the traditional coil and magnet sensor elements are replaced by accelerometer type elements. The active spread on this job was over 19,000 live stations.

Block 5 2D dynamite, South Sudan

Image from the Nyal 2D marsh project album

ZPEB was contracted by WNPOC to acquire seismic data in the difficult southern Sudan region. More than half of the project was in marsh which fringes the Nile river in this area requiring the use of specialized equipment.

The crew had a number of tyred and tracked buggies and some Haglund tracked vehicles along with airboats. Helicopters were used extensively, particularly for transporting men and equipment to and from work locations.

Ogaden Regional 2D, Ethiopia

Image from the Ogaden 2D vibroseis project album

ZPEB was contracted by SouthWest Energy to perform a 2D seismic survey in Ethiopia's Ogaden province. A brand new Sercel 408 system and new Sercel Nomad 65 vibroseis were brought in to acquire the data.

Brian Brigg, one of our senior consultants, was the first client representative for SouthWest Energy on this survey. Brian's relief had been on the crew for only three days when separatist rebels, armed by the Somali militias, attacked the camp with heavy weapons killing a seventy-four of the crew including nine of the Chinese senior staff and kidnapping seven of the remaining Chinese staff.

Ethiopian government soldiers guarding the crew fought bravely though outnumbered four to one. The camp was overrun but the soldiers counter-attacked driving the rebels away before they could force entry to the accomodations and kill the remaining personnel. Twenty-eight of the soldiers were killed during the firefight and many of the rest were wounded.

Seismic Pros Consultants extend their deepest sympathy to the families of all those killed in this attack.

East Ras Budran 3D Egypt

Image from the East Ras Budran 3D project album

This survey on the Sinai Peninsula was recorded by WesternGeco using the I/O Image system. The prospect was bounded by mountains on three sides and the Red Sea on the other. A small source vessel was used offshore to recover data from the area olong the shore which had many installations meaning that the vibroseis was unable to be used.

The job also featured two 2D spur lines running along wadis on the eastern side of the prospect. Brian Brigg, one of our senior consultants, was the client representative for Apache on this survey.

West Kalabsha 3D Egypt

Image from the West Kalabsha 3D project album

Western Geophysical used the Q-Land recording system to do this job for Apache. The survey was located in the western desert of Egypt, just 70 km from the border with Libya. The Q-Land records each individual receiver and groups can be formed in the Digital Group Forming (DGF) procedure. This enables data from groups to be corrected for individual receiver elevations.

Brian Brigg, one of our senior consultants, was the client representative for Apache on this project.

Assam Arunachal 3D India

Image from the Assam Arunachal 3D project album

Alphageo, a leading seismic contractor in India, used an I/O System IV to record this project with dynamite as an energy source. This job ran through many tea plantations and some jungle so it presented some unique challenges. In addition to the terrain problems security needed to be tight as this is an area of operations against separist insurgents. Three of our consultants worked on this project.

Rob Windham and Brian Brigg rotated as project manager while Brad Young was the chief surveyor.

Abadan 2D TZ Iran

Image from the Abadan 2D TZ project album

Dana Geophysical was the contractor on this challenging 2D transition zone job. Set in the south west corner of Iran and running along the border with Iraq the terrain here is some of the harshest in the world. Temperatures can reach 55° in the summer and more than eight months of the year have an average windspeed of over 20 kph.

Aram Aries with marine boxes and cables was used with a combination of hydrophones and marsh phones to record the dynamite shots and a source vessel was obtained by Dana to work in the shallow water areas. Two of Seismic Pros consultants worked on this project.

Brian Brigg was the project manager while Pat Miller was contracted as senior observer due to his skills in that field.

Sarvestan & Saadat Abad 3D Iran

Image from the Sarvestan & Sadaat Abad 3D project album

This job, an hour from Shiraz, was performed by Pars Kani in partnership with Liaohe as the geophysical contractor. Liaohe brought a Sercel 408 UL system and during the job obtained some new Sercel Nomad 65 vibrators. While much of the job was on flat terrain there were areas where the crew had to drill in the mountains, particularly in the south with Gorikhteh Mountain in the prospect. Brian Brigg, one of our senior consultants, was the client representative for OEID on the project.

Namibia UNCLOS Offshore

Image from the Namibia UNCLOS project albumGardline Geo provided the MV Sea Surveyor for this project. The quest was not for oil but instead for territory with Namibia needing hard data to present to the UN council as a basis for their claim for a 200 mile economic zone.

The MV Sea Surveyor was uniquely suited to this task having an array of sensors and equipment ranging from a powerful 3D swath recording sonar to airguns and mini streamer.

Senior consultant Brian Brigg was on the MV Sea Surveyor throughout the four month survey.