About Seismic Pros Consultants

Who are we?

Seismic Pros are a group of experienced seismic QC consultants with many years of experience between us. Some of our seismic QC consultants have more than twenty-five years in the exploration industry. Seismic Pros have geophysicists, party chiefs, senior surveyors and professional HSE managers from major seismic exploration companies who have decided to "go freelance".

Many of us have worked for other seismic QC consulting companies for varying amounts of time but have felt the need to have more control over our own careers. We therefore decided to get together and form our own group. We are Seismic Pros Consultants.

For a list of some of the seismic companies we have worked for and the places we have worked see below.

What standards do we work to?

Unless under explicit client instructions Seismic Pros Consultants conform to the following standards.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Seismic Pros Consultants are guided by the standards published by the International Association of Geophysical Contractors as for HSE.

  • Land Geophysical Safety Manual
  • Marine Geophysical Safety Manual
  • Environmental Manual for Worldwide Geophysical Operations

Technical Standards

For technical standards Seismic Pros Consultants adhere to those published by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), UKOOA, the equipment manufacturer's specifications and by the technical standards of our client companies.

Who have we worked for?

Our seismic QC consultants collectively have worked for most of the major oil companies. These include Apache, Shell, Exxon, BP, Woodside, Elf-Acquitane, ENI, Total, Mobil, Statoil and many more.

We have a few recent projects listed on the Projects page. Please feel free to browse through them at your leisure to see a little of what we have done lately.

Some of the seismic companies that our consultants worked for in the past are listed below.

WesternGeco, United, Norpac and Grant-Norpac, CGG, Grant, Paragon, Western, United, Seiscom Delta United, Veritas DGC, Digicon, GSI, HGS, Petty-Ray, EG&G, Fairfield, Dana Geophysical - Iran, Alphageo India, Gaps Geophysical, Sahara Seismic, TerraSeis, United, GES

Where have we worked?

Below is a partial list of countries we have worked in. Some of our individual seismic QC consultants have worked in more than 80% of the countries listed. We are ready to add your next seismic survey location to this list.

Algeria, Angola, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, France, Ghana, Guyana, Holland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Liberia, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tonga, Tunisia, UAE, UK, USA, Vietnam, Yemen